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Stacked doors

The Revolving Door Energy Calculator (RDEC) program from Davis Associates, Inc., was created to make calculation of the kinetic energy of a revolving door quick, easy and accurate.   All of the required complicated equations for the various door components are contained within RDEC.   The user has only to enter the basic parameters that describe the door -- diameter, rotation rate, weights or masses of wings, etc. -- and RDEC does the rest.   Moreover, RDEC contains a host of additional features to assist in the analysis of design variations, including the ability to account for components not ordinarily considered, such as a co-rotating ceiling, showcase floors, control boxes rotating with the door, and novel objects placed within showcases or elsewhere on the door.

The RDEC program can be downloaded free of charge in the next section below.   You may also make, distribute and use copies of the RDEC program subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Use.

By downloading the RDEC program, you signify, represent and assert that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the RDEC program.   You are not authorized to download the RDEC program or to use it unless you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

When you click on the RDEC Program link below, a ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer containing the setup files required to install RDEC on your computer.   Once the ZIP file is on your computer, you must extract into a folder of your choice the files contained within the downloaded ZIP file.   Finally, you must execute the extracted file setup.exe to initiate the installation of RDEC on your computer.

If you do not currently have the ability to extract files from a ZIP file, you can get what you need from PKZIP for Windows.

By clicking here to download a copy of the RDEC Program, I signify, represent and assert that I have both read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

The above RDEC download also provides a copy of the RDEC User's Manual.   The User's Manual provides additional background information on the capabilities and use of RDEC, as well as details of all parameters and functions of the program.

If you are already using the RDEC program and have questions, you may find them answered on the RDEC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.   If not already answered there, you can also ask your questions, as well as make comments or suggestions, on the RDEC FAQ page.

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